Invisi Mini Selfie Stick – Extendable, Foldable, and Compatible with All Smartphones

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Capture Picture-Perfect Moments with the Invisi Mini Selfie Stick

Take your selfie game to a whole new level with the Invisi Mini Selfie Stick. Extendable up to 26 inches, this selfie stick allows you to accommodate everyone in your group shots. With a simple push of a button, capture picture-perfect moments and create lasting memories.

Key Features:

  • Compact and portable design, perfect for travel
  • High-quality premium Aluminum alloy construction with a durable ABS plastic phone cradle
  • Slim and sturdy handle for long-term use
  • Latest version of Bluetooth with a remote button for easy and convenient photo capture
  • Rotatable phone holder, allowing for 90 swivel and landscape mode support
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Replaceable button cell battery for long battery life
  • Available in 5 beautiful colors, making it a great gift option

Experience the Convenience of Invisi Mini Selfie Stick

With its sleek design and user-friendly features, the Invisi Mini Selfie Stick is the perfect accessory for all your selfie-taking needs. Its sturdy phone holder ensures a firm grip on your device, while the 90 rotation capability allows you to capture special moments with ease. Whether you’re exploring new looks, documenting adventures, or simply capturing everyday moments, this selfie stick has got you covered.

Get your Invisi Mini Selfie Stick today and elevate your selfie game this spring and summer. Say goodbye to missing out on being in the picture and hello to limitless selfie opportunities!


  • Material: Premium Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic
  • Extended Length: Up to 26 inches
  • Compatibility: iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Battery: Replaceable button cell

Don’t miss out on capturing priceless moments with your loved ones. Order your Invisi Mini Selfie Stick now and start snapping amazing selfies today!

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